Girls In Crowns

At some point in a girl’s life, being a princess is the dream. That doesn’t limit it to wanting to marry a handsome faraway prince nor having to go through the troublesome task of putting on a frilly pink dress. It could mean a desire to be showered with compliments or be pampered with exotic gifts, in other words, spoiled rotten to the core.

But if you’re anything like us, then all we want to be are freakin’ badass Disney Princesses. So here’s us as them!

Jasmine copy

Somebody show me the world already

The only difference between Bianca and Jasmine is that she likes dogs over giant cats (or felines altogether). She knows what she wants and has no trouble getting it. Many boys try to woo her as they come bearing gifts from lands faraway, but she has yet to meet the man to take her on that magic carpet ride of her life.

Jane copy

Just keep swinging

Like Jane, Noemi sees the world a little differently. Her fascination for all things beautiful drives her to experiment with different forms of art, and she does it pretty damn well. Also, she gets about as much exercise as the jungle queen (no kidding, she can lift weights heavier than the slightly-above-average gym goer).

Sleeping-Beauty copy

Slowly, then all at once

That’s how Car might experience love when she finally meets her wonderful prince. He might take a while to get to the fair lady in slumber, but how much faster can you move when you’re cutting through thick and thorny vines with a kitchen knife? (He might be a cook, Car. I hope he’s a cook.)

Merida copy

Shot through the heart

Be it Ygritte or Merida, my best friend Patty’s got that fighting spirit. Probably the hardest to shake among the six, when her mind’s set on something, her mind is set on the thing. She is the living, breathing example of the philosophy of I do what I want. Just don’t mess with her, man.

Ariel copy

Somewhere I don’t belong

The weirdo of the bunch, it will take a couple of coffee chats and awkward silences just to get a peek inside her head (and I speak from experience). Her talk of gadgets and gizmos might still make sense, but you probably won’t stick around after some twenty or so thingamabobs. At least she can rock a mean sack.

Tiana copy

My career before you

No boyfriend, no problem! This strong, independent woman can get by the bayou on her own—Justine’s awesome like that. She works like we snack (which is every chance we get, except maybe Noemi ‘cause she’s a beast), but that’s not to say she won’t appreciate some loving 🙂

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