Throwing It Back

I found a couple of questions that would be a fun way to describe how our life was before and how it ultimately led us to becoming the kind of friends that we are now. My memory might get the best of me, but it’s always fun to recall back on events and friendship milestones in your life!

1. When and how did you all first meet?

All of us ended up attending the same school all throughout, but it wasn’t really the driving force of how we became super close.

I met Noemi in 3rd Grade back in 1997 (!!!!) as we were both classmates but we didn’t become the best friends that we are until about the year after that. We will always count that year we first met though! Then I got to know Carissa and Patricia because of church and church activities, moreso because we also attended the same International school. We all pretty much started out in Kids for Christ, and that was the community that really brought a lot of expat (Catholic) Filipinos in Jakarta together, which lead me to meeting Bianca as well! I didn’t get close to Bianca until she moved to our school around middle school and I got to know Gia through Patty because they were best friends, but I can say I truly became close to Gia when she spent time in Cebu 3 years ago and we had a mini vacation together! That was a good time.

2. What is the most funniest thing that has happened together?

There are too many to count, it’s almost not funny anymore. All of us had too many silly moments where we would just laugh out of the blue and continue laughing altogether. We had a lot of dancing moments, crazy karaoke sessions that would last all through the night, sleepovers where we never got any sleep, and lots of car rides whether to school, to hangouts, to camps and events we would participate in. In retrospect, I can say we really had an eventful childhood, and growing up was such a great time because I had these girls with me. Aww!

3. Have you all been in trips together?

Too many! Growing up, we had a lot of camps and family getaways that would require us to be out of home for the whole weekend, or a week at the most. Those were really formative years and built the solid ground of the friendship that have now.

We’ve also been on trips separately, whether together or just with the other girls. As adults though, we recently had pretty memorable trips together. I’ve visited Car & Pat in Singapore when they were still in uni there, Noemi & Gia came over to Cebu last 2012 for a weekend of sun and partying, last December I spent pre-Christmas with Pat, Car & Bianca in Manila, then Christmas + New Year with Noemi & Gia in Jakarta, then last July and August I went to visit Bianca & Gia in Manila which enabled us to have some good girl time.

Torn and tattered jeepney hits with the crew.
Torn and tattered jeepney hits with the crew.
Island hopping. Spot 6 of us!
Island hopping. Spot 6 of us!

The highlight (mostly because we were ALL complete) was last year the whole gang came over to Cebu to have one awesome week full of sun, sand, sea and lots of craziness. I’m hoping there will be more trips in the future that will mimic the kind of fun we had that time.

Haji Lane, May 2015
Haji Lane, May 2015

Last April we went to Singapore for a long weekend (sans Carissa *sadface* but momma duties first!) and that was one for the books as well. Although it was jampacked, but we had a lot of firsts. We all stayed in one room of a backpacker’s hostel, and I think it’s where we truly felt like “adults” because it was just us in a (not so) foreign country. I felt like it ended too fast but that’s what happens when you have too much fun with the people you love.

Now that I think of it and enumerated it all, we’ve all been given so many opportunities to see each other despite our distance and the different lives we lead–mostly for me because I considerably live the furthest–and for that I am super grateful.

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