A Mind In Between

There’s something you should know about us. In case, you know, we get…weird.

We’re a wild mix of the different places we’ve never been to.

This beautiful multi-cultured mess was all thanks to our good ol’ International School (which was mostly Indian with the Chinese-Indonesians—more popularly known as Chindos—, coming in a close second).

Ah, high school—the home of enlightenment and high learning. We were taught well by teachers and seniors alike. We were crafters of makeshift pen-pencil spitballs and flingers of wet tissue, leaving our legacy upon the toilet ceilings.

We did learn some other cool stuff, too. Having friendships from different walks of life kind of does that to you. Here’s what we picked up from our friends and dear teachers:

Swearing in Bahasa Indonesia

The first thing one must simply learn in another language.


Playing pranks in Korean

Ice Cakeki is the art of lifting girls’ skirts to reveal their behind. Boys were the typical culprits, but we got a kick from it, too.


Being a Japanese romantic

That’s Patty with her past. He used to call her his wifey in Japanese. Okusan, was it? It used to be cute. Now, not so much.


Singing in Français oh-ho-ho

In the spirit of multiculturalism, the school encouraged its students, aka us, to show off their talents to the world (or at least a small number of the world’s representatives who could fit in our auditorium). That’s Patty and me during French Week singing La Différence to support the LGBT movement. Pretty song.


Being Filipino clingy

That’s what we looked like when there was a new filipino kid on the block.


Speaking Indian

This was achieved through expertise in the careful mimicry of our beloved professors.


Sorry, I meant *too dark.

Bri’ish Accents

As The Great Detective taught us.

7Food knows no race


And we loved it.

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