Who Are We. What We Are.

So you’ve read about how we came to be, how we were during our childhood and our countless food trips and food stations and what we currently do. But we’ve never really gotten around the nitty-gritty about who we are as individuals. So here’s one post about it––through my eyes and based on a decade+ friendship. I guess this is going to be like writing a “testimonial” in Friendster, feeling old yet?

Can you spot us? Gia is not here in the picture though.
Can you spot us? Gia is not here in the picture though.

Let’s start off with the wisest (since wisdom comes with age.. teehee). Justine Condor, born 21st May, is definitely the loudest from the bunch, not just in voice but also in clothes, personality and life. Why do I say this? Well, she’s the only one I know who can rock neon colored heels. Personality wise, if you are looking for advice, you can bet that she’s the girl to go to. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell you things as it is, no sugar coating at all.. I have had the pleasure to witness this talent countless of times, as a third person and first person. This is one thing I do try to learn, haha.. Life wise, I already lost count on her beach photos, party photos, food trips and traveling photos. Dang I envy this girl. Unafraid to try things out and know for sure whether she likes it or not. Singer of the group too. #downtoearthmuch


Noemi Manalang, born 24th September (EHEM! Birthday coming up! Make sure you greet her!), most soft speaking girl I’ve ever met! I’ve never EVER heard this girl raise her voice in anger.. Heck I’ve never seen her angry, and she’s been my neighbor for almost a decade! She did try once though, when she was teaching kids. They couldn’t even believe her because as she said, “I’m angry,” she still had a smile on her face. She’s one talented artist and a neat one too (you can check her IG to see some of her work). Most of my memories with her and my sister (Patty) are biking around the complex, “chilling” in each other’s homes, and food, food, and more FOOD. We now go to different cafes occasionally, so we’ll probably have future blogs on the cafes we will be visiting. As Bianca said in her post, “we used to be three pairs of best friends”, her pair was Justine. You can now see why they compliment each other. Opposites definitely attract. :p

My name is Carissa Apolo, born 26th November (*cringe* I don’t normally like putting my birth date out there, but for the sake of this post.. fine). Not to brag, but I am a mother of an awesome kid (9 months old), who I can’t get enough of. What can I say.. he is my life. I’m just going to be general and just say that I’m the 3rd wisest of the bunch and according to my sistaz, I’ve always been the “motherly caring” one. I have a Mommy YouTube Channel, “Shenanigans of a Young Mom,” where I do try to post regularly. I think I’ll just let my sisters say more on how I am as a person, ’cause it’s just weird to talk about myself and I really don’t know what else to say haha.


Introducing the sweet Bianca Anatalio, born 12th June, my “pair”. My relationship with Bi.. Well let’s just say our best-friendship has gone through a lot and has A LOT of history. From fighting over a boy (my fault), to not talking for a long time (my fault again, communication wasn’t my best suit before). Our friendship has endured the test of time and the test of different boyfriends, lol. I’m just glad we came out of it stronger than ever. Bi has been my best-friend for as long as I can remember, our parents were friends even before we were born! She’s the sweetest and cutest among the six, not to mention the girliest too. She’s a girl that you should never mess with, cause even if she is fun-sized, you wouldn’t want to be in the wrong side if she gets angry (hehe love you bez)! She’s got a strong personality and has strong opinions, another girl I can count on when needing the hard cold truth. During high school she was constantly asked to sing for different events and our grade plays. #anothertalentedfriend

Next is my “twin” (or at least a lot of people thought she was my twin), Patricia (Patty) Apolo, born 2nd November (day of the dead as she sometimes would say). Why do I say she is my “sister” rather than “little sister”? I only had 11 months of being the youngest in my family. Yup, we are barely a year apart, that’s why she is my “sister” and not my “little sister” and growing up, my mom always dressed us up in identical outfits. Patty and I had countless adventures as a kid as you can see in her post (yes, we really did all that); from jumping roof to roof to sliding on wet-soapy-tiled-floors in the laundry area (we were the ones who wet the floor) to playing with our stuffed toys and Barbies in our DIY tent in our room (my dad said “it’s so topsy-turvy, putting a tent indoors”). We had A LOT of crazy adventures together. So admittedly when I had to go abroad for college, and whenever she has to go back to the Philippines (we both are now based in Indonesia) for work or exit, I do end up tearing up a bit or feel sad (don’t tell her I said that). She was the first person I turned to first when I found out my life was about to change drastically. Sometimes I think she knows me more than I do, there were countless of times where she would ask me out of the blue and at the right time if I were ok. Very observant and intellectual, you just can’t really hide things from her. Another talented artist (illustrator), you can just check out some of her work in her IG. #imsurroundedbytalentedgirls


Lastly, Gia Leuterio, born January 30th, is the “bunso” (youngest) of the Six Pack. I knew Gia from Patty; they were best friends since pre-school (the 3 of us went to the same pre-school, Lollypop School), so I did watch her grow from this rather quiet girl to this wacky girl (especially with Patty, then it is extra EXTRA wacky). She’s probably the wackiest among us. Gia definitely has her own level of creativeness, humor and wit (link to both her IGs). Seriously another talented artist (animator), and I know, I am surrounded by crazy talented young’uns. She used to live close by (another food station) ‘til she had to move so dang far; and I can remember the time we slept over her place, we had a lot of food, games and ghost stories (we had to sleep with the lights on after that, all huddled up in one bed). I remember her and Patty being inseparable, but of course there were tensions too, and some of it we now use as an inside joke. Like, “You just don’t want me to be pretty!” Haha sorry Gee! We just can’t let that go! Ahahah! Love you. :p

Wow, I didn’t realize I wrote so much, apologies for a long post. Anyway, I can go on writing about who we are, and what we are like, but this is a bit of who we are as individuals. The most common thing between all of my sisters are that they are random and crazy (they have their own levels) and I know that they will always have my back and I will have theirs. I believe our bonds are really strong and can withstand time and distance. I’m so glad to be able to call them my sisters. Love these girls to bits! 🙂





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