Growing Up, Foodie Moments

One of the best parts about living near each other was that we could easily crash each others house to chill or go to the nearest mall together. Sometimes by walking or by a quick ride. Not all of us though lived nearby, and other cases some of us moved to different areas but it didn’t really matter because we had tons of sleepovers anyway. And yes, these were also our little “Snack stations”, as Patricia describes it. I guess you can say we love food tripping, these days we enjoy trying out new restos, cafes, but we also enjoyed some of these favourite to-go-to foods/beverages during our hangouts growing up in Jakarta.

sixpack mie goreng

Mie goreng (Indo fried noodles) was a favourite staple merienda (light pre dinner meal) while “chilling” at each others’ house. “Do you want mie goreng?” “Yessss pleasssse!” Sometimes one pack wasn’t enough.sixpack pizza

Great pizza over a movie session or (for some of us) anime marathons together at home.

sixpack starbucks

Buying that frappucino with whipped cream at Starbucks while chilling to watch the live band at La Piazza. It was our random hangouts at Kelapa Gading Mall.sixpack mcdThe late McDs at the sleepovers. We often had YFC sleepovers as well in Apolos’ house.

sixpack martabak

A spontaneous trip to pick everyone up just to buy Martabak that amazes us evertime it is being made. Then eat it at home together. Martabak was one of our favourite Indo food, a thick, large pancake with generous amounts of cheese, skippy, chocolates and butter.

sixpack sushi“What do you want to eat?” “Sushi!” “Yeah, Salmon!” The sushi bar especially Sushi Tei in the mall, yummy. We love sushi too much.

sixpack drinksOur home parties, mostly at bestie’s (Justine) place on her birthday. Mixing our home made drinks and fruits by the pool.

Cheers to bonding with food! 🙂

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