Those Crazy ‘Six Pack’ 90’s Kids In Jakarta

Hope you’ll enjoy the fast doodles made with a VERY FAT PEN. Not the most comfortable pen to use. It was all I had when I made them.  Let me be clear that I don’t speak for all 90’s kids, for other kids out there or for all of my ‘Six Pack’ mates.  Anywho- I give you ‘Those Crazy ‘Six Pack’ 90’s Kids In Jakarta’ :-

1. Playtime Was Always Outdoors. 

At least it always was in my head.

But, of course we really did play outdoors. Even if our parents didn’t know. Sorry mom and dad. It was the 90’s. What kind of kid wouldn’t be outdoors to play. *ehem.  I guess I could name a few people like that. It wasn’t the case with my sister and I.

Play time was always outdoors
A tent indoors means we’re outdoors right now too.

2.”OFF LIMITS” Was Never In Our Vocabulary. 

We did all kinds of things as a kid. The extraordinary kind.

Cycle outside the premises of the village? OK.  Jump from roof to roof like a cat? OK. Climb over the 5 foot front gate to escape to the park? OK. Invade a construction site when no one’s looking and imagine the trenches were filled with lava? OK.  Secretly eat more Flintstone vitamins than recommended? OK. Use the laundry line as our home-made flying fox? OK! mom and dad don’t know this <3. 

Yep. We all had a bit of our screws loose in the head. This was what our childhood looked like. Writing this makes me face plant on the bed. I can’t believe we did it all. Some of these were done with a few of my ‘Six Pack’ mates and some just with my siblings.

Our outdoor adventures.
We did everything. You name it.

3. You Can’t Beat Our Number Of “SNACK STATIONS”. 

We never went hungry for we always had snacks.

We LOVED our snack stations and every time we had the chance to add a station, we’d take it. We visited them regularly. Not a shred of shame at the time. It’s a different story right now though. I’m quite embarrassed to think of it now.  So what are these snack stations? Our Titas (Aunties) houses.  Remember what Bianca said about our Filipino church community? Some of us lived surprisingly close to each other.

Snack Stations
Our little safe haven of snacks.


Let me take this moment to say :

Thank you Titas for taking care of us when we visited your homes during our play time outside.

4. Our Bond Allows Us To Only Be A Few Centimeters Apart. 

I’ll be honest with this. I teared when the teacher separated my best friend (Gia) and I from being seat mates to a hundred seats apart. Exaggerated.   She cried.  Not exaggerating there. Why? we were having too much fun… not with the lesson but during the lesson with our made-up pencil box pirate ship. We all have that one person we couldn’t be found without in school. She was mine. We were inseparable. #best friend

Sitting quietly alone in a sea of unfamiliar faces.
I can’t remember what class we were in.


5. We Learned To Deal With Stuff Fast. 

School became tough sometimes when fate brought us to be separated from one another. We soon had to deal with being a home room apart. haha yep. That was the definition of ‘far’. We were mixed with kids from all around the world. We Filipinos were the minority though. Indians & Indonesians were the majority. It got to the point that people would assume that all Filipinos know each other. Even if it was new Filipino student that came to the school.  Oh. Before I forget; some thought we were all somehow related. I wonder how the family tree would look like?

Generally, everyone could speak English. But, during our leisure time they would revert back to their mother tongue unless spoken to in English. I was mostly surrounded by Indonesians for most of my school days. I could not speak in their language.

Bahasa Indonesia Lessons.
Manga was my tutor.

So that was when I decided that I should learn to speak Bahasa Indonesia. I had to. They would laugh at me for my accent. But, that’s okay.

They soon became my good friends and we went on to become a dance crew in high school. Those were the days.

The picture is accurate btw. I read Manga (Japanese Comics) to do just that; learn Bahasa Indonesia.

Care to share what our experience as kids was now then?

Till the next post. I’ll probably expand on the “OFF LIMITS” adventures. 🙂

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