Before The Six Pack

I think we’re all in agreement that the first thing people would ask about us is how we came about being friends. How did it all start?

Honestly, it wasn’t always like this. It wasn’t always the six of us together. Like any other relationship, we had to start somewhere.

US. Then & Now ?
US. Then & Now ?

We used to be three pairs of best friends (Justine+Noemi, Bianca+Carissa, Gia+Patricia) in one group before we became The Six Pack.

Sisters. That’s the dynamic of our group. The eldest would be Justine and Noemi, the middle “kids”: Bianca and Carissa and our bunso (which means youngest in Filipino) are Gia and Patricia. Yes, we’re all Filipinas. Born in the Philippines raised in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Being third culture kids brought up in a country where population are mostly Muslims, I’m proud to say that our Filipino church community is what served as our foundation to this great and lasting friendship. That’s how our families got to know each other and I’d say that’s when our story began.

Not only were we part of the same community, we also went to the same school: The Gandhi Memorial International School.

Creating memories with each other from church camp, school activities (glee club, cheerleading, dance performances and many others), tons of hangouts and rendezvous to just chilling at home.

We’ve shared countless laughs, foolish decisions, success stories, heart breaks and falls, and of course, happy moments that paved the way to continuing our journey as “sisters”.

So, when did we really start being The Six Pack? Honestly, I can’t pinpoint an exact moment. It just… happened.

Knowing each other for decades, we grew closer and closer that made our bond stronger despite the distance among us. We’re truly lucky to have this kind of friendship because (let’s not deny) there are some instances that distance and inconsistent communication burned bridges among the bestest of friends.

At this point in our friendship, we can vouch the quote (I say is pretty fitting for this post):

“Friendship isn’t about being inseparable. It’s being separated and knowing nothing will change.”

And I’m thankful everyday to have these girls in my life. ?

Deciding to put up this blog spot is one of the best decisions of our group. Giving us a venue to share our life stories to the world.

Trust me when I say we have a lot of interesting experiences to share. We’re all finding our own place in the world, taking life each day at a time.. So stay tuned, loves!

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