An Introduction

We are happy to announce that the blog is finally live! You may know us, or you may not. Either way, we’re six best friends living life each day and forever grateful for technology for keeping us close despite our distance. Our WhatsApp group chats have been so frequent and communication has been constant (much to my happiness) so one day this idea just popped out of my head that we should probably start a blog together. I have such talented friends, I doooo.. and I figured this blog would be a great way to show each strength we all have, as well as learnings we’ve gathered along the way.


The first day of “planning” was spent brainstorming on names for the blog that suit us the most. From funny ones to to weird ones like (an attempt to anagram coterie), Gia finally ended the whole pursuit of a domain name with six pack, based on the reasoning below:

Oh man
If we were guys
We could easily be called The Six Pack
Is like the wolf pack
And we don’t even have to be fit!
That’s the irony of it! <3 <3

Everyone thought the name was a fit and we all agreed (we all did, right?) on it. Less than 5 minutes later, I bought the domain name and set up the blog.

The question is, where do we go from here? What kind of identity will this blog have? That’s something we’re dying to find out as well and we’re very excited, if I may speak/write on behalf of the girls. In the meantime, welcome to The Six Pack!

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