Girls In Crowns

At some point in a girl’s life, being a princess is the dream. That doesn’t limit it to wanting to marry a handsome faraway prince nor having to go through the troublesome task of putting on a frilly pink dress. It could mean a desire to be showered with compliments or be pampered with exotic gifts, in other words, spoiled rotten to the core.

But if you’re anything like us, then all we want to be are freakin’ badass Disney Princesses. So here’s us as them!

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A Mind In Between

There’s something you should know about us. In case, you know, we get…weird.

We’re a wild mix of the different places we’ve never been to.

This beautiful multi-cultured mess was all thanks to our good ol’ International School (which was mostly Indian with the Chinese-Indonesians—more popularly known as Chindos—, coming in a close second).

Ah, high school—the home of enlightenment and high learning. We were taught well by teachers and seniors alike. We were crafters of makeshift pen-pencil spitballs and flingers of wet tissue, leaving our legacy upon the toilet ceilings.

We did learn some other cool stuff, too. Having friendships from different walks of life kind of does that to you. Here’s what we picked up from our friends and dear teachers:

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Who Are We. What We Are.

So you’ve read about how we came to be, how we were during our childhood and our countless food trips and food stations and what we currently do. But we’ve never really gotten around the nitty-gritty about who we are as individuals. So here’s one post about it––through my eyes and based on a decade+ friendship. I guess this is going to be like writing a “testimonial” in Friendster, feeling old yet?

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Growing Up, Foodie Moments

One of the best parts about living near each other was that we could easily crash each others house to chill or go to the nearest mall together. Sometimes by walking or by a quick ride. Not all of us though lived nearby, and other cases some of us moved to different areas but it didn’t really matter because we had tons of sleepovers anyway. And yes, these were also our little “Snack stations”, as Patricia describes it. I guess you can say we love food tripping, these days we enjoy trying out new restos, cafes, but we also enjoyed some of these favourite to-go-to foods/beverages during our hangouts growing up in Jakarta.

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An Introduction

We are happy to announce that the blog is finally live! You may know us, or you may not. Either way, we’re six best friends living life each day and forever grateful for technology for keeping us close despite our distance. Our WhatsApp group chats have been so frequent and communication has been constant (much to my happiness) so one day this idea just popped out of my head that we should probably start a blog together. I have such talented friends, I doooo.. and I figured this blog would be a great way to show each strength we all have, as well as learnings we’ve gathered along the way.

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